Clarissa Toothedge
Japanese Name クラリッサ・トゥースエッヅ
Romanized Name Kurarissa Toūsueddzu
Personal Information
Debut Age and Occupation Elementary School Student
Gender Female
Status Alive
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Partner(s) Navi Ruda
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Debut Appearance Magical Girl Raising Project: breakdown
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Appears in Magical Girl Raising Project: breakdown

Clarissa Toothedge (クラリッサ・トゥースエッヅ) is a character appeared in Magical Girl Raising Project: breakdown


She is described by Love Me Ren-Ren as a magical girl with a furry costume with thin black prints on blueish grey, attached with a short tail. Big feline-like pointed beast ears protruded from her head. She has canine teeth that could be seen from her grinning mouth were big and sharp like those of a carnivore or a vampire.


She is a cheerful and jolly person with an accent who listens to Navi Ru.



Navi Ru

She accompanies Navi Ru. They are on good terms.


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