Collect Magical Candies!
Season 1, Episode 2
Ep2 Logo-AN
Air Date August 8, 2016
Director Fujita Ayano, Misaki Kaneko
Screenwriter Shinichi Shoji
Novel Chapters Volume 1, Chapter 1
Volume 4, Nemurin's Adventure
Theme Music
Opening Song Sakebe
Episode Navigation
Welcome to a World of Dreams and Magic!
Update Notice!

Collect Magical Candies! is the 2nd episode in the Magical Girl Raising Project Anime series.


Claiming that there is not enough mana within the city to support sixteen magical girls, Fav announces that whoever earns the fewest Magical Candies from performing good deeds each week will lose their ability to transform. Reluctantly accepting these new rules, magical girls Ripple and Top Speed recall their encounter with the dangerous outlaw Calamity Mary. Meanwhile, as Koyuki continues her duties with La Pucelle, she speaks online with Nemurin, a magical girl who can enter dreams. When the first results are announced, Nemurin ends up with the lowest score and is eliminated from the running, deciding to use her remaining time to visit one more dream. However, after her time runs out, Nemurin's true identity Nemu Sanjou is found dead by her mother.

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