Cyber World is the main stage of Magical Girl Raising Project: Restart. It is a virtual world created by Keek.

General Information



  • Skeleton

Candies Dropped: 1
Areas: Wasteland Area

Destroyed instantly via direct attacks.

  • Powered Skeleton

Candies Dropped: 8 – 12
Areas: Grassland Area Group: 5 – 20 per group
Weakness: Fire

Reflects any long-ranged attack. Destroyed instantly via direct attacks.

  • Demonic Goblin

Areas: Mountain Area

  • Demonic Imp

Areas: Mountain Area

  • Ogre

Areas: Mountain Area

  • Dragon

Areas: Underground Area

11 meters long, 4 meters of wingspan. With a roar that shook the very caves themselves.

  • Dragon King

Areas: Underground Area
Attribute: Fire




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