Dark Fang Limit
Japanese Name 闇の牙リミット
Romanized Name Yaminokiba Rimitto
Personal Information
Debut Age and Occupation ---
Gender Female
Status Alive
Affiliation Mao School
Mentor(s) Mao Pam

Dark Fang Limit (闇の牙リミット) is a character first mentioned in Magical Girl Raising Project: Episodes Φ.






Mao School Characters
Founder Mao Pam
Members Cranberry, The Forest Musician - Lake of Fire Flame Flamey - Twin Stars Cutie Altair - Twin Dragons Panasu - Auro - Negino - Amy - Monako - Dark Fang Limit
The 36th Hell Survival Game Outside Participants Lapis Lazuline - Hana Gekokujou - Lady Proud - Styler Mimi - Uttakatta - Mina Mad Gardener Acre - Meyer - Barter Ranko - Metally - Duchess - Sanae Utatane - Mol Mol Morgue - Puchidevi
Former Marika Fukuroi

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