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Season 1, Episode 12
Ep12 Logo-AN
Director Yuzui Suna, Koji Kono
Screenwriter Hirokazu Hisayuki
Novel Chapters Volume 1, Chapter 9
Theme Music
Opening Song Sakebe
Episode Navigation
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File not found is the 12th episode of the Magical Girl Rising Project Anime series.


As Ripple goes to confront Swim Swim, Fav informs Snow White that he is actually a scout for the Magical Girl Recruitment and Training Project, where successful magical girls are either recruited into the World of Magic or made into a Master to oversee the next exam. He further reveals that he intentionally riled up Ripple and Swim Swim, who he feels wouldn't make suitable Masters, so they would kill each other, wanting Snow White to be his new Master instead. Learning that it was because of Fav that everyone had to kill each other, Snow White breaks her magical terminal and rushes to try and stop Ripple and Swim Swim. While losing an eye and an arm, Ripple manages to knock out Swim Swim with a flash grenade, killing her in her civilian form before passing out. Arriving at the scene too late, Snow White attempts to destroy the Master Terminal, which Fav gloats can't be destroyed so easily. Thanks to Snow White's Rabbit's Foot, however, Ripple manages to regain consciousness and uses Swim Swim's magical weapon to destroy the terminal, along with Fav. Six months later, Snow White is training with Ripple to become a stronger magical girl who can help others around the world.

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