The Character Popularity Vote - Drama CD Postcard Edition (キャラクター人気投票 ドラマCD応募ハガキ編) was the first ranking of fan's favorite magical girls.

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Illustration of the top ten results

How to Participate

Note: This event has already ended

Buying the Drama CD Magical Girl Raising Project in Dreamland gives you a gift postcard. Filling out personal information and survey and sending the postcard allowed you to receive the autograph of your desired Drama CD's voice actors. One of the survey questions is character popularity vote, which asked you to choose your 3 favorite characters in the whole series.


1. Snow White

2. Lapis Lazuline

3. Shadow Gale

4. Nemurin

5. Rain Pou

6. Pfle

7. Detick Bell

8. La Pucelle

9. Marika Fukuroi

10. Postarie

11. Ripple

12. Pechika

13. Top Speed

14. 7753

15. Calamity Mary

16. Swim Swim

17. Hardgore Alice

18. Tie between Clantail and Nokko-chan

20. Tie between Hana Gekokujou, Pukin, and Pythie Frederica

23. Tie between Ruler and Filuru

25. Tie between Magical Daisy and Mao Pam