Healing Medicine is a magical item that takes the form of a medicine. They appear to come in both pill and liquid forms.


The following contains plot details/spoilers, read at your own discretion:

Magical Girl Raising Project

In Arc 1, the Peaky Angels purchase a bottle of 10 Healing Medicine tablets in exchange for three years of Yunael’s lifespan. This medicine is used by Swim Swim's team in the fight against Cranberry and allows Tama to survive a hit that would have been fatal. Swim Swim later consumes some medicine in the fight against Ripple which allows her to surprise Ripple with her speed and wound her. After the events of Arc 1, Snow White keeps the medicine.

Magical Girl Raising Project: Limited

In Limited, Healing Medicine is included in the supplies brought by the Investigation Team in both pill and liquid form, with Ripple being entrusted some of the syringes full of Healing Medicine. During the final fight against Pukin, Mana takes a dangerous amount of Healing Medicine injections to temporarily become as powerful as a Magical Girl and fight Pukin in close combat. She soon collapses and remains hospitalized for several weeks.

After Magical Girl Raising Project

Snow White is shown to take Healing Medicine after coming home from fighting particularly dangerous rogue Magical Girls.



As the name implies, the healing medicine promotes gradual healing. In addition to this, despite the name, the medicine is also used to enhance the user’s strength, endurance and durability for a 30 minute duration. Because of this, if a human consumes one, it is said that they can become as durable as a low-powered Magical Girl.

However, there is a risk involved with using the medicine; Over-consumption may cause heart failure. Victims of an overdose appear to require a hospital specialized in removing magical effects and may take weeks to fully recover.


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