This page is about the dream version. For the original version, see Lapis Lazuline

Ideal Lapis Lazuline
Lapis Lazuline
Japanese Name 理想のラピス・ラズリーヌ
Romanized Name Risōno Rapisu Razurīnu
Nickname(s) NA
Personal Information
Gender Female
Affiliation Dream World
Voice Actor(s)
Kanji 小澤亜李
Romaji Ari Ozawa

Created in the Dream World, Ideal Lapis Lazuline (理想のラピス・ラズリーヌ) is Detick Bell's ideal version of Lapis Lazuline. She is proud to be the Ideal Detick Bell's assistant.


She looks like the original Lapis Lazuline.


Her personality is no different from the original self.


To teleport using gems

The magic is the same as the original version...maybe.



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