Japanese Name レーテ
Romanized Name Rēte
Personal Information
Debut Age and Occupation ---
Gender Female
Status Deceased
Affiliation Osk's Faction
Partner(s) CQ Angel Hammer
Kills Herself (Under brainwash)
Killed By Herself

Lethe (レーテ) is one of the main protagonists of Magical Girl Raising Project: QUEENS.

After Grim Heart's death, she became the leader of Osk's Faction. A Magical Girl with high performance, she is a very skillful swordsman who had participated in various Mao School's events before.


Lethe full


As a Magical Girl, Lethe has light gray hair with orange streaks, which is medium length and pulled back in a high ponytail. She wears an ornamental black helmet with a pink rose at the front with frills and a yellow diamond accessory hanging from it. Her horns are black and curly. Lethe's eyes are light orange and her eyelashes are somewhat long. Her outfit is like an old fashioned ballgown and seems quite refined and elegant.


Lethe is a serious person who is good friends with CQ Angel Hammer, as they can be seen discussing strategies and attacks on the Puk Faction together. She is an experienced fighter and tough opponent and uses her magical power to her full advantage, as seen when fighting Puk Puck.

Lethe is also quite concerned with her appearance, such as when she needed to fix her horns so they looked as good as possible or when she didn't want the sun to ruin her perfect skin.

She adds "hm" the the end of her sentences as a verbal tic, but CQ Angel Hammer thinks that she makes it work.


To manipulate opponent's sense of distance

She is able to manipulate physical distance. She can change the actual distance between two objects without changing the appearance of it, thus confusing the opponent. As well as setting the actual distance to 0 to accomplish teleportation.

She can also move the position of objects in her sight. While moving the position, the objects will be affected by physical force such as gravity.

Special Item(s)

Ame-no-Habakiri: A sword with several branching blades centering on one thick blade.

Ame-no-Ohabari: A three-bladed sword.

Ame-no-Nuboko: A spear with a very long blade.

(All the items above are taken from Osk's Faction's treasury.)


CQ Angel Hammer

CQ Angel Hammer and Lethe are partners.

Shufflin Ⅱ

Shufflin and Lethe are partners. Lethe likes to order the Shuffllin around and especially likes them to fan her.

Puk Puck

Lethe was once brainwashed by Puk Puck to be her friend. They played games such as hide-and-seek. When the brainwash was gone, Lethe felt humiliated. During the event of QUEENS, Puk Puck was able to brainwash Lethe one final time for her to kill herself.


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