Lir Kuem Satabourn
Japanese Name リル·クェム·サタボーン
Romanized Name Riru· Kuemu· Satabōn
Personal Information
Debut Age and Occupation ---
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Known Relative(s) John Shepherdspie (Nephew)
Touta Magaoka (Cousin's Grandson)
Killed By Accident

Lir Kuem Satabourn (リル·クェム·サタボーン) is a character mentioned in Magical Girl Raising Project: breakdown.



Lir Kuem Satabourn was described as a weird one by his fellow mages due to his preferred isolation and love for making potions and creating experiments. He was, however, mentioned to be a happy and jolly person, especially when discussing potions.



John Shepherdspie

John Shepherdspie is his nephew.

Agrielleimaid Quarky

She is the daughter of Lir Kuem Satabourn's lover.


Mana's father was good friends with Lir Kuem Satabourn.

Navi Ruda

Ragi Jie Nent

Touta Magaoka

Touta is his cousin's grandson.


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