Love Me Ren-Ren/Rei Koimizu
Love Me Ren-Ren
Japanese Name らぶみー恋々/乞水怜
Romanized Name Rabumi ̄Renren/Koimizu Rei
Personal Information
Debut Age and Occupation High School Second Year
Gender Female
Status Alive
Partner(s) Nephilia
Agrielleimaid Quarky

Love Me Ren-Ren (らぶみー恋々) also known by her real name Rei Koimizu (乞水怜), is one of the characters of Magical Girl Raising Project: breakdown.

She is designed by DOR@Nさん.


Love Me Ren Ren full

Love Me Ren-Ren


Magical Girl

As a Magical Girl, Love Me Ren-Ren has dark pink hair with two brown horns coming out of her hair, one of which has a brown feather tied to it, underneath the horns, she has ears that resemble that of an animal. She has slitted purple eyes, pointed ears, and a star of a David symbol on her forehead. She also has pink earrings shaped like that symbol and elf-like ears. She wears a heart pendant around her neck, held on by thorns, and has long, black boots on. On her back, she has feathery wings.


She is a kind and helpful girl who loves helping people using her magic. She doesn't help people who only want to use her magic for selfish reasons, such as forcing another person to fall in love with them.

Love Me Ren-Ren is polite to others, and is on good terms with both her partners. She seems intrigued by Nephilia's speech.


To cause someone to be love-drunk when shot with her bow



Love Me Ren-Ren, along with Nephilia, accompany Agrielleimaid Quarky.

Agrielleimaid Quarky

She is Agrielleimaid Quarky's companion, along with Nephilia.


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