Mao School (魔王塾) is an organization, led by Mao Pam, in which the members are mostly battle-enthusiast and strive to be stronger.

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36th Hell Survival Games

The 36th Hell Survival Games is a battle royale hosted by Mao Pam, where the strongest Magical Girls of the generation come together to seek strength and fight each other, with a 5 million Yen prize money on the line.

Mao Pam also broadcasts the games with live commentary from her and her assistant "Pammy". Pammy is actually one of Mao Pam's wings turned humanoid and given some intelligence. Enough to analyze the games and provide commentary.


The rules of the games were simple:

  1. The Games will last 24 hours. From sundown till tomorrow's sundown.
  2. The objective is to collect points in the form of "flags". The Magical Girl with the most flags wins the games.
  3. To earn flags, you must hit your opponent. A hit is counted as anything that causes damage. The hit can be via a punch, a kick, or damage from a magical ability.
  4. No killing is allowed.
  5. (Added mid-game) If you leave the area for 20 minutes or more, you're disqualified


The Games are open to all Magical Girls. Most Magical Girls from Mao's School participated in the Games, but outside participants were welcome as well.

The list of known participants include

Note: The list of participants only covers confirmed participants of the Games