Miss Margarite
Miss Margarite
Japanese Name ミス・マーガリート
Romanized Name Misu Maagariito
Personal Information
Debut Age and Occupation ---
Gender Female
Status Alive
Affiliation Land of Magic (Former)
Examination Division (Former)
Partner(s) Touta Magaoka
Known Relative(s) NA

Miss Margarite (ミス・マーガリート) is one of the characters of Magical Girl Raising Project: breakdown.

She is designed by ノッツォさん.


Miss Margarite full

Miss Margarite


According to Love Me Ren Ren, she looked to be in her late 20's. She wore a long T-shirt with cartoon characters and had a saggy, thin look about her.

Magical Girl

As a Magical Girl, Miss Margarite has pink eyes and very light pink hair, with two curled strands on either side of her face. She also has a coiled strand of hair over her right eye. She also has small red rose earrings.

She wears a large-brimmed hat and lacy veil the same color as her hair. The veil covers the right side of her face. The hat has fuchsia, lavender, black, and blue peacock feathers on it, and the veil has some red spots on the lace.

Her dress is also light pink, with poufy short sleeves and a lacy skirt half. On the back left of the dress, there is a tail-like curve. The right side of her dress has pink and red feathers. The left side has a red rose and frills.

Miss Margarite wears pale pink high heels with slightly darker stripes on the ankles, and three pink decorations on each of them.


Miss Margarite seems to be naturally an observant and reserved person, she became more reclusive after the death of one of her apprentices.

She usually acts in a polite and formal manner.


To bend straight objects


Touta Magaoka

She is assigned to be his companion. Miss Margarite thinks Touta reminds her of her former apprentice Anna Marie due to their hyperactive personalities.

Anna Marie

She was a former apprentice of Miss Margarite's. She died a shameful death by challenging another magical girl to a fight and lost her life. Her death hurt Miss Margarite very much.

Death Prayer

She is Miss Margarite's old friend. She was the one who gave Miss Margarite the task of accompanying Touta.

Hana Gekokujou

Margarite was Hana's teacher. She thought Hana was one of her best students and couldn't believe that she died.


They are well acquainted with one another and are on good terms due to Margarite being Hana's teacher. Mana says that the Examination Division was not the same without her.

Mao Pam

Due to being in separate divisions, Miss Margarite was only acquainted with her but knew and respected how powerful Mao Pam was.


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