Navi Ruda
Japanese Name ナヴィ・ル
Romanized Name Navi Ruda
Personal Information
Debut Age and Occupation ---
Gender Male
Status Alive
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Partner(s) Clarissa Toothedge
Mentor(s) Lir Kuem Satabourn
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Debut Appearance Magical Girl Raising Project: breakdown
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Appears in Magical Girl Raising Project: breakdown

Navi Ruda (ナヴィ・ル) is a character appeared in Magical Girl Raising Project: breakdown.


His voice is low and thick. The sleeves of his robe slid down, exposed two muscular lower arms. On his wrist, there was a complicated complex of a hexagram and a pentagram joining together drawn in green. Love Me Ren-Ren believed looked too worldly for a Mage. To backtrack and sum it up: the front part of his head barely had any hair left, a protruding belly, a lush and dark stubble. The expression on his face was a precise smile, which stood in contrast with Clarissa’s mysterious one. Before you could think about young or old, the first impression he gave was “fierce.” The entirety was square, stern, tough, thick. His eyes constantly shifted towards the pond.




Lir Kuem Satabourn

Navi Ruda was Lir Kuem Satabourn's disciple.

Clarissa Toothedge

She is Navi Ruda's company.

Ragi Jie Nent

Ragi Jie Nent apparently hates Navi Ruda's guts, according to Navi himself.


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