Japanese Name ネフィーリア
Romanized Name Nefiiria
Personal Information
Debut Age and Occupation ---
Gender Female
Status Alive
Partner(s) Love Me Ren-Ren
Agrielleimaid Quarky

Nephilia (ネフィーリア) is one of the characters of Magical Girl Raising Project: breakdown.

She is designed by ラピス・にゃむりーぬさん.


Nephilia full



Magical Girl

As a Magical Girl, Nephilia has short, purple hair, and very pale, almost white, skin. Her eyes are red and her sclera is yellow. Covering most of her hair is a black hat with bone like things on it. On top there is a bone spike and below that a purple eye pattern, and ribbons coming down from her hat, which are black one side, and red on the other.


She proved to be a very strange person, does funny things and can not communicate well, proved not to be very good at socializing.


To hear the voices of the dead


Love Me Ren-Ren

Nephilia and Love Me Ren-Ren accompany Agrielleimaid Quarky.

Agrielleimaid Quarky

Nephilia and Love Me Ren-Ren accompany Agrielleimaid Quarky.


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