Japanese Name ネフィーリア
Romanized Name Nefiiria
Personal Information
Debut Age and Occupation ---
Gender Female
Status Alive
Partner(s) Love Me Ren-Ren
Agrielleimaid Quarky

Nephilia (ネフィーリア) is one of the characters of Magical Girl Raising Project: breakdown.

She is designed by ラピス・にゃむりーぬさん.


Nephilia full



According to Rei, she looked beautiful, and her skirt hems were as well. Her hair was dyed from the root. No black remaining. Her eyebrow thickness was normal, she took care of it, as if she had a passionate and emotional feeling to her, but considering her nature, she looked more like an elegant spokesperson.

Magical Girl

As a Magical Girl, Nephilia has short, purple hair, and very pale, almost white, skin. Her eyes are red and her sclera is yellow. Covering most of her hair is a black hat with bone like things on it. On top there is a bone spike and below that a purple eye pattern, and ribbons coming down from her hat, which are black one side, and red on the other.


She proved to be a very strange person, does funny things and can not communicate well, proved not to be very good at socializing. She seems to smile whenever something bad is happening.

She was described as being mischivious,

and as a human playfully touched the other girls' hair and flipped up skirts for fun.


To hear the voices of the dead


Love Me Ren-Ren

Nephilia and Love Me Ren-Ren accompany Agrielleimaid Quarky.

Agrielleimaid Quarky

Nephilia and Love Me Ren-Ren accompany Agrielleimaid Quarky.


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