Pastel Merry
Pastel Merry
Japanese Name パステルメリー
Romanized Name Pasuterumerii
Personal Information
Debut Age and Occupation artist
Gender Female
Status Alive
Partner(s) John Shepherdspie

Pastel Merry (パステルメリー) is one of the characters of Magical Girl Raising Project: breakdown

She is designed by くじらへびさん.


Pastel Merry full

Pastel Merry


She was described by John Shepherdspie as a young woman with a white dress that had her sleeves broken and ankles showing. She tied up her hair with waves behind her. Her age was around the 20s. Her fingers were long and her fingernails were trimmed. There were callouses showing on them.

Magical Girl

As a Magical Girl Pastel Merry has short blonde hair with cadet blue eyes. Her hat is black with a red dot border with a fluffy white rim decorated with light orange dots and held together by a black band.

She wears a brown and white dress, with fluffy ends at her wrists and skirt.

She wears black leggings and sandals.

Overall, her appearance is that of a traditional tribal girl.


She is quite timid and tends to say "Bah" like a sheep when scared, but is generally a kind person who is close to John Shepherdspie.


To move sheep painted in pastel

She can summon sheep from pastel drawings to help her.


John Shepherdspie

He is her employer.


They are partners and work together.


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