Magical Girl Raising Project: Restart

An Unlikely Encounter (We Are All Her Children)

Chika Tatehara was a timid and quiet girl at school, most of her time was spent reading books and cooking. In middle school, she thought of herself as a simple fly on the wall. However, in her student life, she did manage to make a friend.

It was a girl of the same year as her, but completely different in personality. Unlike Chika, this girl was more into sports, and wasn't as much of a fly in the wall, as she was constantly looked down by her classmates as a joke.[1]

It was only by chance that the two of them were paired up together in a school Scare Trail, by using a lottery. The Scare Trail itself was located on a mountainside forest road. Since both girls were uncomfortable pairing up with each other, her friend, who was more adventurous, decided to stray off the path.

Eventually, they found themselves in a cottage hut in the middle of a forest, when they noticed someone standing on the roof, when they had her attention, the woman revealed herself to be a Magical Girl known as "The Forest Musician, Cranberry." Afterwards, Chika and her friend were both transformed into Magical Girls.[2]


  1. Magical Girl Raising Project: Restart (Part 2) Page 150: 智香なんて目に入っていなかったかもしれない。スポーツが得意で身体を動かすのが好きな彼女のグループと、本が好きで昼休みは図書館が定位置だった智香のグループでは「同じクラス」以外の接点がなかった. The only common ground between the girl whose specialty was sports and enjoyed moving her body and Chika who loves reading and lunch breaks was nothing other than “She’s just as classmate”.
  2. Magical Girl Raising Project: Restart (Part 2) Page 152: 智香は息をのんだ。それはとても美しい女性だった。Chika gasped. The figure was a very beautiful woman. 「こんばんは」声が耳に心地よい。ごく平凡な挨拶が、身体と心に絡みついてくる。「私は森の音楽家クラムベリー。魔法少女をやっております」 "Good evening" Her voice was pleasant. Her calm greetings entangled Chika's body and mind. "My name is the Forest Musician, Cranberry. I'm a Magical Girl."

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