Puk Puck
Puk Puck
Japanese Name プク・プック
Romanized Name Puku Pukku
Nickname(s) NA
Personal Information
Debut Age and Occupation ---
Gender Female
Status Deceased
Affiliation Puk's Faction
Partner(s) Uluru (Former)
Premium Sachiko
Sorami Nakano
Snow White
Shadow Gale
Mentor(s) The First Mage
Known Relative(s) Uluru (Adopted Daughter)
Premium Sachiko (Adopted Daughter)
Sorami Nakano (Adopted Daughter)
Killed By Accident

Puk Puck (プク・プック) is one of the main protagonists of Magical Girl Raising Project: QUEENS.

The supreme leader of Puk's Faction, Puk Puck is the incarnation of one of the Three Sages, Av・Lavchi・Puk・Valta. Planning to reform the Land of Magic, she aimed to activate the device left behind by The First Mage.


Puk Puck full

Puk Puck

As a Magical Girl, Puk Puck has body-length, extremely curly light yellow colored hair, with two strands that come out from behind her head and curl back towards her, short, choppy bangs on the right side of her body and light pink eyebrows.

She has multiple provincial pink colored stars all over her hair, even have a star symbol tiny crown-like thing on top of her head, on the QUEENS cover, she wears a golden halo-like thing with spikes, a shining star above the halo, long cloth coming down and two stars to hold up some of the cloth.

Puk Puck has large, rounds eyes with her right eye being blush colored and spots of oasis colors, her left eye being affair colored with spots of french lilac colors, dark blush, long eyelashes, a star on both cheeks, pale skin and she is one of the shortest Magical Girls.

As for her outfit, she wears a short white dress with white sleeves that go about halfway of her upper arm, a silky pale pink colored collar, on her chest she has a metallic, beauty bush colored star emblem with bird wings around it, feather-like things under the symbol, lavender blush colored cloth that goes around her wrists and comes from under the feathers and blossom colored with multiple stars all over it cloth that comes from under the feathers that goes a little past the dress with lavender blush colored bows.

On her right leg, she wears white cloth that wraps around with has white, fluffy slippers, a star and on her left leg she has black straps that connect with string and white slippers.

Also shown on the QUEENS cover, she is shown to have a large, cardinal colored rubber hammer with a metallic ‘P’ and wings.


She is adorable, lively and apparently good. Puk Puck apparently loves her friends and has positive thinking. Those under her magic consider her to be perfect. Puk Puck loves to dance and sing and records herself doing them for other people to watch.

She loves her daughters and is quite protective of them. When they were younger, Puk Puck used to take them to the carnival and play hide-and-go-seek with them.


To befriend anyone

Upon making visual contact with her or hearing her voice, people will grow to adore her and believe good things about her. They would view Puk Puck as the most important person in their lives, to a point that they are willing to die to protect her, as if Puk's death would be their worst luck. The magic also works in the form of media, for example, through a video or a camera. It's also effective for less-intelligent beings, like Demons.

The effect of friendship decreases over time, so it's necessary to apply the magic regularly. Also, there is a limit of how much friendship she can give at a given time.

Special Item(s)

Contract: Premium Sachiko's contract that can make someone lucky. After Sachiko's death, the contract is left and taken by Puk Puck.



Uluru is Puk Puck's oldest daughter. They love each other very much, but Uluru changes her mind about Puk Puck later on.

Premium Sachiko

Premius Sachiko is Puk Puck's middle daughter. Puk Puck is very protective of Sachiko, as she didn't let her use her magic. Puk Puck really loves Sachiko and gets worried about her.

Sorami Nakano

Sorami Nakano is Puk Puck's youngest daughter. When Sorami was younger, she asked Puk Puck if she could take her to sing kareoke, but Puk Puck said maybe when she's a little bit older.

Snow White

Snow White is brainwashed by the magic of Puk Puck, making Snow White love her unconditionally. She wants to protect Lady Puk from the other Factions.

Shadow Gale

Shadow Gale is brainwashed by the magic of Puk Puck, making Shadow Gale love her unconditionally. She is wants to be useful for Puk Puck.

Armor Arlie

Even Demons want to be friends with me!

Shufflin Ⅱ

They are rivals, but some of the Shufflins ll fall in love with her when she uses her magic.


Lethe hates Puk Puck. Once, Puk Puck brainwashed Lethe into becoming friends with her. They played games such as hide-and-go-seek. When the brainwash wore off, Lethe felt humiliated.

CQ Angel Hammer

CQ Angel Hammer wants to end Puk Puck's plan, they don't actually have a lot of interaction with each other.


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