Ragi Jie Nent
Japanese Name ラギ·ヅェ·ネント
Romanized Name Ragi· Dzue· Nento
Personal Information
Debut Age and Occupation ---
Gender Male
Status Alive
Affiliation Land of Magic
Magical Girl Management Division
Partner(s) Clantail

Ragi Jie Nent (ラギ·ヅェ·ネント) is a character first appeared in Magical Girl Raising Project: Restart and later in Magical Girl Raising Project: breakdown.

In Restart, he was the head of the Magical Girl Management Division and refuse to give the Magical girl Hunter any information as she did not follow the proper procedure.

The following information contains spoilers past Restart. Click to reveal:

In breakdown, he was one of the Mages invited by Lir Kuem Satabourn to go to an island for the inheritance. While searching for a companion, he noticed one Magical Girl was quiet and had a free schedule. He would later choose and contact Clantail to accompany him.


Ragi Jie Nent is described as an old man wearing a long robe with a long white beard, wielding a cane and many wrinkles on his face, especially when he scowls or squints.


He hates magical girls, especially the Magical Girl Hunter, after the way they treated him by firing him from his position because a magical girl apparently did a better job. His face scrunches up whenever the topic of magical girls come up. He does tolerate Clantail though, due to her quietness.

He is a respectful mage, as after he is given the news that Lir Kuem Satabourn died, he silently pays his respects.




When Ragi was a young mage, he especially admired her out of all the Three Sages and was full of respect for her, but is currently saddened and disappointed with her current reincarnation.

Snow White

Ragi hates Snow White after receiving news that she stole important papers. He was especially angered when she wasn't punished. Not only that, but the fact that Snow White was said to be out there catching criminals while breaking the rules herself raised Ragi’s anger even further.


Ragi met Clantail at a food competition, where he noted her quiet demeanor. Her quietness and free schedule is what led him to choose her as his companion.

As Clantail did not talk to anyone but Ragi, this made him worry as other people would have spoken to each other and forged bond within themselves while Clantail was merely doing her job, being unsociable. Since Ragi wasn't closely linked to clantail as she was just hired to escort him, he would push his worries away however he then told himself that the reason he cared so much was because if anyone found out that the Magical Girl that he hired didn't communicated with anyone, his position as the head of the Magical Girl Management Division would called into question.


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