Stella Lulu/Kaoru Osanai
Stella Lulu
Japanese Name ステラ・ルル
小山内 馨
Romanized Name Sutera Ruru
Osanai Kaoru
Personal Information
Debut Age and Occupation Middle School Student
Gender Male
Status Alive
Affiliation The Resistance
Partner(s) Sera Sera
Wen Heizwald
Melty Pane
Akira Osanai
Known Relative(s) Akira Osanai (Older Sister)
Kills Spinon

Stella Lulu (ステラ・ルル), also known by her real name Kaoru Osanai (小山内馨), is one of the characters of Magical Girl Raising Project: F2P.

Part of the The Resistance, she is one of the few Magical Girls who was male before transformation.


  • Stella Lulu
  • Stella Lulu's human form
  • Chibi drawing by manga artist Ryota Yuzuki
  • Chibi drawing by manga artist Ryota Yuzuki


As a human Stella Lulu has short brown hair. As a human Stella Lulu is also a boy.

Magical Girl



To master any tool instantly

Special Item(s)

Transformation Cloak: It can change the user wearing it to a nonliving object. The target can't move during the transformation.

Ribbon of Stuffed Animal: When the ribbon is tied onto someone, the person will become a stuffed animal.

Small Hat: A magical hat that can make the user smaller when the person wears it.

Magical Yo-Yo: Spinon's yo-yo that can be used in various way.

???: A sukajan that can absorb damage.

Directory: A directory that contains the list of all the magical girls.

Special Move(s)

Lulu Crash:


Akira Osanai


Sera Sera

Wen Heizwald

Melty Pane


Fan Lit Fan

Jelly Marie


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