Up Your Friendship!
Season 1, Episode 7
Ep7 Logo-AN
Director Koji Kono
Screenwriter Shinichi Shoji
Novel Chapters Volume 1, Chapter 5
Volume 4, Zombie Western
Theme Music
Opening Song Sakebe
Episode Navigation
Get the Super-Rare Items!
Sudden Event in Session!

Up Your Friendship! is the 7th episode of the Magical Girl Rising Project Anime series. Anime


Koyuki, still traumatized over the previous night's events, finds herself with a Rabbit's Foot item that Alice had left behind. Meanwhile, Calamity Mary, having learned about Magicaloid 44's death, goes to confront Alice, quickly discovering she has powerful strength and regenerative abilities. Despite using various methods to try and kill her, Calamity Mary finds that Alice has still somehow managed to survive following Fav's report. Later, Koyuki once again comes across Alice, who reveals she wanted her to have the Rabbit's Foot, while Ripple, curious about what Top Speed is hiding from her, is called to meet with Mary.

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