Update Notice!
Season 1, Episode 3
Episode 3 Image
Director Koji Kono
Screenwriter Noriaki Saito
Novel Chapters Volume 1, Chapter 1
Volume 1, Chapter 2
Volume 4, Playing with Top Speed
Volume 4, Produced by Peaky Angels!
Theme Music
Opening Song Sakebe
Episode Navigation
Collect Magical Candies!
Add More Friends!

Update Notice! is the 3rd episode in the Magical Girl Raising Project Anime series.


Top Speed is asked by Swim Swim to give her a lift to the mountains where her leader, Ruler, is having her group bury trash in order to try and earn more Magical Candies. Meanwhile, Snow White and La Pucelle, along with robot girl Magicaloid 44, are contacted by Sister Nana and Weiss Winterprison, who reveal from a conversation log between Fav and Cranberry that magical girls allegedly die when they lose their powers. As Magicaloid 44 relays this to Calamity Mary, suggesting that they join forces, sisters Minael and Yunael rope in dog girl Tama into helping increase their rankings with a promotional video. Eventually, all the girls learn from Fav about what will happen if they drop out, confirming that Nemurin had died as a result. As Koyuki is torn between doing what is right and doing what she can to survive, an update is added allowing the girls to exchange Magical Candies between each other. Taking this to mean that magical girls can steal candies from each other, Ruler tasks Minael, Yunael, and Tama with stealing candies from Koyuki.

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