Welcome to a World of Dreams and Magic!
Season 1, Episode 1
Ep1 Logo-AN
Air Date August 1, 2016
Director Koji Kono
Screenwriter Tetsuo Ichimura
Novel Chapters Volume 1, Chapter 1
Theme Music
Opening Song Sakebe
Episode Navigation
Collect Magical Candies!

Welcome to a World of Dreams and Magic! is the 1st episode in the Magical Girl Raising Project Anime series.


While playing a smartphone game known as Magical Girl Raising Project, Koyuki Himekawa, a middle school girl who loves magical girls, is chosen by the mascot character Fav to become a real magical girl known as Snow White. As Koyuki uses her ability to hear people in danger and help them, she uses her Magical Phone to talk to the other magical girls residing in the city. In the following evening, Koyuki is called out by one of the other magical girls, La Pucelle, who reveals herself to be her male childhood friend Souta Kishibe and forms a partnership with her. The next day, Fav informs everyone that he plans to reduce the number of magical girls in the city down from sixteen to eight.

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