Magical Girl Raising Project

Twins Under a Ruler

Yuna and Mina Amasato are two college-aged girls who, at some point in time, were interested in playing a social game called Magical Girl Raising Project, a social game rumored to turn you into a real Magical Girl. It was Yuna who was the more avid gamer of the two, and Mina also joined in with her twin sister.

Both the girls were later visited by Fav, a Mascot for the social game, who came to transform them both into the Magical Girls Yunael and Minael, respectively.

At some point during their time, they encountered another Magical Girl, Ruler, who wanted them to swear fealty under her. The twins, being rebellious and independent, disagreed with Ruler. This forced Ruler to use her magic on them, commanding them to obey her.

Unable to fight back, the Peaky Angels were drafted into Team Ruler, where they would ally with fellow teammates Swim Swim and Tama.

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